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Canvas Lti Pro - Provisioning



I have a zoom account and i did a Lti 1.3 implementation with a lms called Canvas. Everything is working fine, but i have a task that is not working: 

I'm asking the users to be logged in to my zoom account to join any meeting and, inside the lti pro (zoom marketplace) i have configured to provision the user if the user has a trusted domain. 

When a student inside canvas joins a meeting, it asks for login-in and are not even creating the user inside zoom (the student has a email same as the trusted domain)


But if do this with a (and set @ inside whitelist) the user is created into my account, but on pending.. 


Inside lti pros configuration:

Auto Provision Zoom Users
Users that are automatically created will receive an email notification unless your org uses managed domains or trusted domains.
Since i use trusted domains, what does that change? What am i missing here? 
(i have hotmail and @ mydomain inside the provision whitelist)








now i discovered that if a user is not from a trusted domain, zoom will create the user and set him as "pending" but when the user (inside canvas) has a domain that is configured into zoom as trusted, he is not even creating it (not even on pending)...