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Cannot see presenter's slides or shared screens and other problems


I have attended thousands Zoom meetings since 3/12/20. 

However, in the past few months Zoom consistently turned my camera off.  If I turned the camera back on, Zoom will greyed out and frozen.

Eventually I figured out that when my D drive has free space <3.75 TB, I will have Zoom problems.  I have a 10 TB Dell XPS 8940 computer.  OS C is 2 TB SSD with 1.32 TB Free, D is my 8 TB Data Drive with 3.62 TB Free.  I consistently need to move data out of my computer to external HD to have free space over 3.75 TB.  So I re-installed my Zoom 2 weeks ago.

Then the real problems start.  I cannot see presenter's slides or maps while other attendees can!  I checked “View”, the Side-by-side with Speaker or Side-by-side with Gallery (sorry since I’m no longer able to see them, the names are from my memory) are no longer there.  I checked my settings many times.  Under “Share Screen” I have “Side-by-side mode” checked and “Focus mode” on.

I turned the “Focus mode” to off, I didn’t see any difference.

I went through many Chat Zoom Supports without any help.  The bot cannot understand my problems.  The bot picked up one word from my questions and provided not remotely relevant solutions.  It totally wasted a few hours of my time in several days.

My husband has a paid Zoom account.  He tried to help me without success. We set up several Zoom test meetings, he was at his computer and I was at my Dell.  Then, he logged in his Zoom account on my Dell and I logged in my Zoom at my HP computer, I still cannot see the slides.  At this stage when I clicked on my Zoom photos, I still could see the “Settings”

I did more researches and test the Zoom by changing different settings.  For 2 hours now, when I clicked on my Zoom photo, it only shows my name, email, “Plans and Billing” and “Sign Out”.  Thus I could not click the” Statistics” to send report.

The more I tried to solve the problems, the worse they got.

I appreciate if you know the solutions or someone from Zoom can remotely visit my computer to solve this problem.

Happy Thanksgiving! 


(PS: I was/we were so focused on the Zoom problems that I didn’t realize that today is the Thanksgiving, thus we don’t have turkey for the family today).



I teach on zoom and one of my students has the same problem. She was able to view my shared screen until recently but now she is the only one in class who cannot see the image. Can some please help Helen and myself?


One of my students is experiencing exactly the same problem. She is the only one in my group who cannot see my slides. I was wondering if we now have a solution perhaps?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @hepsibaaaa  and @map26verde.


Issues like this are very difficult to troubleshoot, especially without basic information about the configuration of the computer experiencing the problem. 

Can you provide some information?

  • What type of device, operating system and version are to using?
  • What type of Zoom account do you have: Basic, Pro, Business, Enterprise, etc. 
  • Are you just using a web browser, or do you have the Zoom App installed? If so, what version is the Zoom App?
  • What type of Internet connection do you have: is your device connected by wire, WiFi, or cell service?
  • Does this issue occur for all meetings, or just some of the time? If not all meetings, can you provide info about what might be different about these meetings where the issue occurs?

 Your answers will give me some idea of how to help you.

Ray - Office Hours at
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