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Cannot generate Meeting registration report (am the host and admin)


I have a meeting scheduled in a the next few weeks with Registration enabled. Meeting has many members registered. I was able to go to the Reports-->Usage Reports-->Meetings and generate a report last week. But today, if i enter a date range (any date range) it does not show up that meeting at all. I confirmed the meeting still exists in the meetings tab and there are 71 registrations existing for the meeting. 



One of my colleagues figured this out. The dates in the report page are not registration dates, but meeting dates. So that date range must include the meeting date for the meeting to show up in the report. Its very confusing!!

Example: Meeting date: March 20. Registration started Feb 1. If you enter Feb 1 - Feb 20, nothing, Feb 1 to March 1, nothing, but if the dates are Feb 21 -March 20, the meeting shows in the reports tab. So its the meeting date not the registration date.

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much!!! Finally got an answer that helped!