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Can't Include Attendee in Zoom Invites on Mac


I have used Zoom for years on a PC and have been able to create an invite automatically when setting up a meeting. I was helped by a Zoom rep and told to always have my Outlook app open and schedule on the Zoom App. An email pop would pop up and I'd type the name of the contact and it auto populated the email address. I hit send and the recipient can then accept/decline directly from the invite. 

I got a Mac and I've spent countless hours trying to set it up to do the same thing and it doesn't work. Not only that, I can't enter an attendee's name or email address manually into the meeting when I click on the schedule icon. It won't accept when I try to paste a copied address from Outlook. When I manually added a personal contact into the Contacts tab, it still didn't auto-populate when I tried to enter the name and there is nothing to choose a contact from. It takes me forever to copy/paste each invite into a separate email and send and I don't get the benefit of the accept/decline from the attendee. What am I doing wrong?



Yes! It is ridiculous!