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Can not see the translated Captions on Youtube.


I managed to see the English and the translated Captions on the Zoom screen, but only the English on the YouTube Live Streaming. I tried all options, different language but that never worked.

Any idea?

Thank you all.

Ricardo Alkhouri.





First, ensure that the language settings for captions are correctly configured within the YouTube Live Streaming settings. Double-check that you've selected the desired language for captions and that it aligns with the translations you want.


If the issue persists, it's worth checking if the platform or event you're streaming through supports multilingual captions. Some streaming platforms may have limitations on displaying translated captions in real-time.

If you've already ensured that the YouTube Live Streaming settings are correctly configured for captions and tried different language options without success, it might be beneficial to explore external online video translator for real-time translation during live streaming.


Consider using dedicated captioning services that specialize in multilingual support for live events. These services often integrate seamlessly with streaming platforms, providing accurate and synchronized translations as your event unfolds.