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Can I create a list of other peoples meeting login information, so I can select from this list to jo


Can I create a list of other people's meeting Login information, and then select from this list to join the meeting?  I attend about 6 meetings a week that other people are the hosts of the meeting.  The meeting Login data does not change from week to week.  I would like to create a list of frequently attended meetings that I can then select when I want to join the meeting, rather than type in the same meeting information week after week.  


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hi @KateLab,

You can bookmark the Meeting URLs to your Browser, or you can create a list in our note app and join the frequent meetings with just a single click. 

You only need the meeting Link per meeting. 

(Alternatively, the host could send you an entry for your calendar.)



Feel free to let me know if my answer helps you, or if you have another question about the topic.