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Breakout room issue


In a recent meeting, I was the co-host as tech support and I sent all participants to their break out rooms. Then the Host of the meeting went and joined a breakout room leaving me in the main room.

I then left the meeting but the Host told me after that it took everyone out of the breakout rooms and back to the main room. If I am a co-host, I wouldn't have thought that it would affect the meeting if I left it. Would the solution to this be to leave my Zoom link open (mute, video off)? And if I do that, can I then join another meeting with that one still open? Or can I only leave while everyone is in the main meeting room? 


Community Champion

Hi jilanneholde


The co-host can't end the meeting for all , you might pressed close all breakout rooms in this case yes all the participant will redirect to the main room you can know what are the roles oft the co-host of the meeting from the article below then you could choose what is the best option. 

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Great thanks for that. Yes, it did not end the meeting when I left - it just took participants who were in a breakout room back to the main room.  I'm not sure if I have to keep the meeting room open on Zoom if I need to leave the meeting early?  Since I am the co-host and not the host, sometimes I am not required to attend the whole meeting so need to leave early.