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Breakout Rooms


We will be using breakout rooms for a company-wide meeting (800 participants). We cannot assign users to breakout rooms but need to allow users to select their own room. Uploading user emails via CSV and assigning them to breakout rooms is not an option. We are growing very rapidly and will miss new employees. Users will join a room according to the group their team falls into (sales, accounting, support, etc.). Not all employees have Zoom accounts. Earlier in 2021, it was possible for users to select their own breakout room. Currently, when testing a meeting with breakout rooms set up in meeting settings, the host must assign users to a room after opening the rooms. 


Does Zoom allow users to select their own breakout rooms, or does the host have to do this manually/or use the automatic room assignment feature?


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Self selecting break out room is absolutely an option. It would have to be enabled by the host when opening the rooms. Please see the following link for more info: Participating-in-breakout-rooms 


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When creating the breakout rooms during a meeting, you have three options:


1) Assign users automatically

2) Assign users manually

3) Let participants choose their own breakout room



For more information on this, check out our support article Managing Breakout Rooms 


To avoid confusion, I would make sure you don't have any existing breakout room settings on that meeting by going to zoom.us and editing the settings under the "Meetings" tab.


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