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Blocked from ZOOM meetings- Update required


I have a paid account and use for professional trainings.  I set up the meetings, no problem, but when I tried to start the meeting- was blocked with no alternative- "Update Required".  I went to the resource center to find the latest update but it would not allow me to download and update my version.  Searching in resources, i found I needed to submit a support ticket as my "level" did not have live help available.  It has been several days and no response to my ticket.  I am forced to switch to WebEx and Teams.      



Hi JimLCP,

What error are you receiving when you try to download the more recent Zoom version? Were you able to uninstall Zoom from your computer and then download the most recent Zoom version from the download center? 

Hi Aaron, I did not try uninstalling zoom then reinstalling.  I will give that try.  Thanks for the idea!