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Zoom logs me in as someone else every time


My husband logged in to a meeting using my laptop exactly one time. The next time I clicked on a meeting link in an email, it put me right in (didn't ask me to log in) as him. I thought for sure that wouldn't happen again once I logged out as him and in as me. But...whenever I follow an email link for a meeting, it ALWAYS automatically logs me in as him, even when the last meeting I was in, I was logged in as me. I have to exit the meeting every time, click on my zoom tab and log in as myself. Every. Time. I basically just can never click on an email zoom link or I'll be in as him. I have tried everything. I'm out of ideas!!! Could this be because his is a paid account and mine's a free account so his account (the ghost of his account?) is somehow taking precedence?? Or because he used zoom on my laptop before I had an account?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @sparkerart, do you save credentials within your browser? If so, maybe recommend clearing those saved credentials to your within your browser, but I am just trying to route how you accept your meeting invitations, because if you were click the Zoom invite link from the browser, you would be prompt to open the Zoom client. 


Or, are you accepting zoom meeting invitations from the Zoom client? If so, suggest switching over to your account to see if you're able to join with your Zoom account. 


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Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!

Also are you saying I can no longer click on links in emails, but have to copy the meeting number and password and go to my account each time in order to be logged in as me? Way more convenient to just click on the link! I want to get to the bottom of why this is occurring! 


Thank you - not sure what you mean by saving credentials? How would one save crede

rials? I am clicking on the meeting link emailed to me by the meeting host - and it is then automatically logging me on, or taking me in as my husband instead of me. 


If you’re logged into that account on the browser than it will automatically sign into that account.

Also if you use a calendar program that’s tied to a browser that’s signed in.

I would check your browsers and sign out of zoom on all of them.



Thank you - I am not logged into that account (my husband’s). He only logged himself in once for a meeting ages ago, and I logged him out right after that. I have had many, many meetings since, but even though I am always logged into my account, when I follow an email link it automatically puts me in as him. I will have to check on calendar programs, but any calendar programs on my laptop, would be associated with my email, not his. So that one doesn’t make sense to me either? 


We are having the same issue at our work. I checked that the user is logged in as her on her browser and the app. We cleared her cache in chrome, uninstalled Zoom and the Outlook Plugin and every time we click on the Zoom link in the invite it still puts her into the meeting as her boss. I cannot figure out how to unlink them! 


We are having the same problem at our work. Did you ever get this resolved?


I did finally fix it. I cleared the cache, and logged into my zoom, and stayed logged in, and this seemed to have worked.