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Black Screen


Hello Everybody!

I'm using zoom software at Ubuntu 22.04LTS (not browser) and I cannot share my full screen, because always get black all screen. Using by browser this not happen, because i changed settings from wayland. It works at browser very well, but not at the software (app). Someone gets help me with this issue?

P.s.: As you'll see at printscreen, don't appear full screen option when I share screen. Only appear whiteboard.

Thank you.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Unfortunately, screen share with Wayland is a known issue we are working on fixing in a future version of Zoom. You can check this other community post which has additional information about the issue and some possible workarounds: https://community.zoom.com/t5/Meetings/Wayland-screen-sharing-broken-with-GNOME-41-on-Fedora-35/m-p/...


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