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Basic Zoom Acct Noise Suppression adjustments on iPad


I have a Basic aka FREE Zoom account  I use w an iPAD  I followed the instructions on the ZOOM website for MAC desktop adjustment of Noise Suppression Audio settings. However, what I see on my account screen does not include the Audio setting underneath my Account Photo. The Support page suggests even though I have a Basic Acct I should be able to control the Noise setting ( which in its default setting is making it impossible to do anything w music in a meeting) . Am I actually not entitled to this setting? Is my Desktop OS10.12 too old? The setting seems to not be available on my iPad either which is the latest iOS.

I hate when they show you pictures (see attached) of what you are supposed to see when you click on something and it does not match what you see when you follow their instruction! Any help greatly appreciated!