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Audio Share Issues - multiple uses Meeting & Webinar


Using both Zoom Meeting & Zoom Webinar - issue exists with multiple different users who have shared screen audio - both on Mac & PC. 

- When sharing a video with multiple layers/audio tracks (spoken audio & background music/sounds), the audio is very garbled. Sometimes, you can hear the spoken audio ok but none of the background sound. Sometimes you can't really hear any of it well. 

- This started in August 2023 and was limited to just a few of us (hosts) who couldn't hear well on Zoom Webinar though the attendees didn't have any issues. Now, we're experience this with several different panelists on Webinar and different co-hosts on Meeting and attendees can't hear the audio well. 

- The different people who have shared have been on PCs and Macs all across the world. 

- Some attendees can hear parts of the audio tracks better than other attendees. 

- We worked with Zoom a few months ago to try to resolve this when it was limited to just a few of us. Now it's expanded. 

- Background noise suppression settings (within Zoom and in computer settings) don't seem to make a difference. Neither does optimizing the sound for musicians or any other audio settings we've tested. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @rs6 

Make sure you turn off all noise suppression options and that you have activated the original sound.
You must do both to allow music not to be seen as background sound.

Also a poor connection of a user can distort sound.

all the best

John Drinkwater


Thanks for those tips - we've tried adjusting the noise suppression settings both in Zoom and on the devices and have tried original sound for musicians (and turned it "on" inside the meeting) and have tried various other settings with no luck. This has happened on different devices with different users over the last couple of months. Worked with Zoom support and had it sorted - this was when it was limited to just three users- now that fix (disabling background noise suppression) hasn't worked and the issue has expanded to more users.