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Audio problems


Hi. I am having an audio issue with zoom that I can't work out. I've looked everywhere online and tried everything. It's not the obvious things like not having audio turned on. Everything is on and set correctly. I am trying to screenshare ableton live. I have the output from Live set to zoom. But zoom recieves no incoming audio. Its not an issue with live as its the same with any other software I tried. There is no sound showing up on the bar in zoom settings. The mic works fine. The issue is the same on another computer also. Am I missing some setting somewhere. Or is it not possible to transmit computer audio while on a basic account maybe??


Any help would be greatly appreciated.






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hellos @Psyphi_uk 

I am not expert on this area but it seems you are not the only one trying to do this. Ableton actually explains how it is done on their Website/Knowledge Base.

Ableton cannot route on its own the audio to other applications so you need to install a Virtual Audio Routing piece of software that will allow you to do this.


I also found a YouTube video of somebody showing step-by-step how it is done using a Mac and Virtual Audio Output software called BlackHole (one of the recommended ones by Ableton).


This should be able to resolve your issue. Let me know how it goes, I am curios to see how well it works.