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Audio Challenges since new upgrade


Since a week we are noticing the following challenges


1. In a meeting there are 1 or 2 people of 10 present who will face challenge of no audio. Or they can hear the meeting going on for a minute or two and then after that it disappears. 


2. Last 3 meetings we had with over 30 people present we noticed this challenge with 7 to 8 people. 


have others faced this issue and what is the solution. 



I have had a problem twice today getting an error message on Audio. No sound on any of the speakers. I closed zoom couple of times and then restarted the computer and after several tries finally no warning on audio. Also, I have hosted a meeting a couple of times this month and was sharing my screen and during the meeting I would drop out of sight but the other participants were still there. After a brief time I'm back in the meeting and have to hit share screen again. It repeated several times during the meeting. Most frustrating.