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Annotation disappears for participants but randomly reappears if open a new tab


Hi, I'm an online teacher and I've noticed that when I'm using zoom annotation (which has never been a problem before) that sometimes even though the annotation is there for myself on screen, my students say that it has disappeared for them! The strangest part is that I played around to try and fix it and realised that the annotation randomly reappears for them when I open a new tab on my browser window! 
I have the most recent updated version of zoom.
Any ideas or thoughts that could help me fix this problem as it's very annoying and I never know it happens until my students tell me that it has happened (inconsistently). 

Many thanks for your help.



I am having the exact same problem. I just updated to the latest version this week and now two students on 5 different devices that had worked prior to the update can't see the standard whiteboard. When the iPad didn't work this morning, I realized it must be related to the update. ALWAYS- even when PC/Dell devices broke, the iPad always worked with Zoom. HELP!! I'm a reading therapist and I use this to help kids learn to read and spell.