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An invite that I can reuse repeatedly


I want to send out a single invitation to schedule meetings for actors to record their lines on different days @ different times. I'll notify them individually by email when to sign on. How do I do this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You can just provide them your "Personal Meeting ID" and password, and then let them know when to show-up. If you're in your personal meeting, you'll see them when they arrive, if you're in your personal meeting with someone else and the next person shows-up, you'll all three be in the meeting. Just describing the overall behavior. I can work well, and it sounds like what you might be looking for.

You can also just schedule a meeting and keep re-using/sharing that Meeting ID for up to a year, and it will keep working for you.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

I actually created a recurring meeting that I cut and pasted into emails to the actors. Is there any disadvantage to this approach as opposed to "Personal Meeting ID" and PW? Let's say I wanted to use either approach with a calendar notification to the recipent. Each would have a different day and time selected. I imagine that would work as well. Correct? Finally, if I select Google Calendar for the invite, add them as a guest, but the recipient uses, say, iCal what happens then? Do they not see the invitation? Just curious, and thanks for the help!