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"Reception Room" For Different Scheduled Meetings




Our organization has previously used three scheduled meetings with licensed accounts and waiting rooms for each scheduled meeting, so that a representative of our organization could host a meeting with dozens of outside participants that would call our organization, get the invite link, be admitted into a waiting room, admitted into a 1-to-1 meeting with our representative, then dismissed.


However, to improve efficiency, we'd like to have a "reception room" so that all outside participants scheduled for the day would be admitted into one waiting room and a host that will not be a host for these 1-to-1 meetings can move participants to the waiting room of those three 1-to-1 meetings.


One idea would be to have breakout rooms where the hosts of those 1-to-1's would come back to the waiting room and the "reception host" could then assign a breakout room for that 1-to-1 rep and the next outside participant, but there may be an issue with outside participants noticing that these 1-to-1 reps enter the waiting room and disappear, which can cause frustration if they feel they've been the victim of "line cutting." Additionally, the person acting as the "reception host" would not be the most technically inclined, so we'd like to keep their responsibilities to a few clicks rather than repeatedly adjusting settings.


I'd love to hear any suggestions for how to create this environment in Zoom! Thank you!