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Adding hosts for a daily meeting


I am one of two host for a daily zoom meeting (M-F)

Sometimes I can't make it and am interested in expanding the host base.

The original account/email address no longer exists. So when someone volunteers to host the meeting for me they can't.

When I log on, zoom automatically makes me the host. And I can choose a host if I need to leave the meeting but except for one other person I we cannot figure out how to allow someone else to log in as the host.

I would prefer to not start over as the meeting is currently listed and would throw everybody off.

I do have an account of my ow.n but it is not for this meeting.

So I guess there's a few questions:

How can I change the original email address/verification to my own instead of the original?

How can I use or install a new password?

But ultimately, how can I allow another person to host the meeting if I can't make it.

Appreciate any input.

Mike LeMieux