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About window settings when playing locally saved videos


Hello everyone.


Instructions on how to screen share a locally stored video can be found in the link below.
When playing a video, the window size is small. Is it possible to set the default setting to display this in full screen on the second display?

Please let me know if there is a better way.

zoom support link


Sorry if there are any mistakes as it is a machine translation😅


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you used the "video" screen share, then the window opens in restored mode on Windows. However, if you monitor the meeting with another device you will see that the participants see the video full screen. There is a fullscreen button on the player. Also, the video's audio defaults to "mono". Go to the more menu and select stereo for higher quality audio. If this choice is not available be sure that stereo is on in settings in the web portal. If you have 2 displays you can move the video to fullscreen on a different screen than the Zoom menu bar. If you have 3 displays you can use dual monitor and place the video on one screen, the menu bar on a different screen and the gallery display on a 3rd screen.