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30 hour zoom meeting


I have a fairly simple question...


If I upgrade to 'Pro' will I be able to launche Zoom meetings with a long duration (need around 10 hours per session) with non registered clients?

I have a studio session coming up with a producer based in the States whereas the rest of us will be in my studio in Amsterdam.


Best, Björn Warning.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Warning-Studios.


If you are on a Pro (Licensed) account, your meeting duration is limited to 30 hours, which should be sufficient for your stated needs. 

If you are on a Basic (free) account, your meeting will be limited to 40 minutes. I recommend upgrading to Pro if possible, or ask an associate/attendee with a Pro account to set up the meeting. 

Attendees will not be limited on how long they can attend. All Zoom accounts allow full participation in the meetings scheduled by others. 

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