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2 Meetings in the same account


Hi all. 

I have a pro account and I'm well aware I can't run 2 meetings at the same time. But is there any way around this? My company has 4 individual accounts (we realize now that it would have been probably better to have 4 users under one same account). 2 meetings which are in one of these individual accounts will happen at the same time one of these days.

Is there a way to let another of our accounts to open one of the meetings somehow? Transfer a meeting to another account with same ID-password? Or no option but to send a new link to all the expected attendants?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

There is no easy way around this while all the users are separate accounts. If you were to consolidate these accounts down into one, then you would be able to use Scheduling Privilege to transfer meetings between licensed users on the same account. 

Here is more info about how to consolidate those accounts down into one:

And here is info about Scheduling Privilege:

I have a personal account. Can I create a personal account  to join another meeting whle I am zooming off of my personal account?