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Zoom for GSuite - invalid Meeting ID




We have a handful of users experiencing a weird issue with their Zoom addon for Google Calendar. When they had Zoom to their invite, they receive a message that says "Notice to host: Please save this event to sync its title and start time to the meeting, and this notice will be auto-removed shortly afterward. If it isn't, open the Zoom add-on from the sidebar and click on this event."


They do all of that but then when they go to start the meeting the host and all participants receive a screen that says Invalid Meeting ID. I've tried just about everything to fix this issue but have had no success. 


Has anyone else had this happen before? Thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jordan2 


The GSuite add-on just got updated. Please ensure you have the latest version:


Maybe this will help.

Hi @Rupert 


Do you know if the add-on is updated automatically? I tried looking through the settings and I don't see anything about updating or what version is installed. Thank you for your help!