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Cannot sign in after indicating "educator"



I wanted to create a Zoom account using one of my other Google-associated emails. But I indicated that I was an "Educator", but I realized it wasn't what I meant. But now, it takes me to a page that asks me to provide Educator information for an organization and I cannot do anything: cannot sign in, cannot even delete my account to start over. Every time I "log in", I'm taken to that page and cannot go any further. Please help.


Community Champion

Hello pls raise a case with Zoom support immediately and pls let them know the situation, pls reference the ticket number here so we can make sure it gets resolved in a timely manner.

Hi Freddi_G, Thank you for your response. Are you referring to Zoom Support over the phone? I tried calling now and they said my current Zoom account (the one I'm using to create this request) does not qualify for Live Support. Is there another way I can raise a case with Zoom support?

Community Champion

I will see about getting a ticket raised for you today!

Community Champion

Hello Ticket has been opened: #13330194