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Zoom room camera mirrored for non-Zoom viewers during screensharing


I'm encountering an odd issue with Zoom Room in a Webinar setting in a city meeting environment.

We connect to a Zoom Room instance in the AV Booth, and are promoted as a webinar panelist. Our "web camera" is accomplished using an Osprey SDI->USB device. Video settings for it are not set to mirror. Several other of our city clients use the same method.


In one city, however, we've noticed the following oddity. AV booth return video to Zoom appears normally, until a screen share is initiated by in-chamber staff. Then our return video appears mirrored, but only for non-Zoom video participants (those delivered to broadcast and streaming). Zoom participants continue to see (correctly) unmirrored video. Once screen sharing is done, the camera orientation for non-Zoom participants returns to the expected unmirrored view.


The Zoom room instance is managed by local IT, so (at present) I'm unable to confirm the current running version, but considering their normal diligence, it's likely the most recent one. The same presumption is true for the host/presentation computer - a city-managed asset with regular updates.