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ZOOM Room Music cutting out


in a Crestron Zoom Room setup, mic audio goes through without issue but music cuts out consistently.  i've made sure Echo Cancelation is ON and any form of Noise Suppresion i can adjust is turned OFF as this was the only thing i saw online that could help.  everything else is setttings in the laptop or phone app and aren't available via Zoom Room panels.  I've confirmed that the feed is solid as it's also going out live over Viemo with no issues, can work 100% on my laptop and i've even switched out the USB interface and tested again in the Zoom Room and my laptop.  only in the Zoom Room is there an issue.


Crestron has gone through their support and stated that their isn't an internal setting to adjust, so i'm left with whatever Zoom settings.  i couldn't find anything directing me to the Admin Portal to make any of the suggested changes and it appeared that any of the changes for live music might need to be done per meeting and can't be applied globally


everything was recently updated within the last 2 weeks to latest versions on 64-bit.


Trying desperately to get help for a client but it appears i'm out of luck?  Not sure of their subscription but i know they've recently receieved phone support for other interal issues for this system and i have the previous ticket number on hand.  before i completely give up i'm hoping their might be something someone can point me to (that applies to Zoom Rooms)  I Really don't want to make the client start the slow process of reaching out for support again if i don't have to, as their previous attempts for help took a while and strained their confidence in the platform