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Why are unregistered attendees moved to Denied/Blocked list?


We have discovered that unregistering an attendee actually moves them to the denied/blocked list, which prevents them from re-registering themselves again if they decide they can attend after all.  Why in the world would Zoom move an unregistered attendee to the denied/blocked list, simply because they have canceled their registration? 


If someone cannot attend a live webinar that has limited capacity, we want them to free up their seat for someone else. This doesn't mean we want to deny/block them. 


Additionally, because we have an integration with Zoom from our learning management system (LMS), this causes loads of issues for us and our thousands upon thousands of customer-learners. If an unenrolled learner decides they can attend after all and re-enrolls, our LMS sends the enrollment data, but Zoom blocks the re-enrollment. This results in a disconnect in enrollment status between the LMS and Zoom.  The learner thinks they're enrolled because they see that status in the LMS, but no one knows the enrollment has actually been blocked/denied by Zoom until the learner realizes they haven't been getting confirmation emails or tries to access the webinar using a link from a confirmation they received before they unenrolled. Zoom needs to treat unregistered (unenrolled) users and denied/blocked users differently. Yes, denied/blocked users should be unregistered, but not all unregistered users should be denied/blocked. 


Finally, this causes privacy issues for us and our customers. Our company has strict security and privacy policies around protecting customer data, but once a learner registers for a webinar, their data is held in Zoom's system forever, apparently, even if the learner cancels their registration.  With Zoom moving the learner to the denied/blocked list,  the learner's data persists in Zoom's system ad infinitum, and there's no way for us to remove it. This violates our privacy policies! A learner who cancels their registration but is not blocked/denied should have their data simply purged from Zoom's system, as if they had never registered


We host dozens of webinars a months with up to 600 to 1,000 attendees per webinar. Zoom needs to fix this issue!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @LisaSp


 Are you stating that the host is unregistering the attendees, or the attendees are unregistering themselves? 


Is this a manual registration approval or an automated approval situation? 


This issue is going to take some looking into. Where we look at a Sample Webinar from your account and we cannot divulge meeting IDs in the Zoom Community, so I recommend that we take this up to Support. Can you or have you already submitted a support ticket related to this issue? 




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Hi Brandon,


Here's the typical workflow:

  • Learner registers for a Zoom webinar in our LMS, which is integrated with Zoom. Our LMS sends data to Zoom  and Zoom (correctly) registers and approves the learner.
  • If the learner decides they cannot attend the webinar, the can do one of two things:
    • They can unenroll themselves in the LMS, but it appears the data is not being sent to Zoom. This means they are unenrolled in the LMS but still enrolled in Zoom. They still get confirmation emails from Zoom, even though they think they unenrolled. 
    • They can contact us, and we'll unenroll them. Historically, before we realized that the unenrollment isn't transferred from the LMS to Zoom, we would just unenroll them in the LMS. Now, we'll have to unenroll them manually in both the LMS and Zoom, except doing this in Zoom moves them to the denied/blocked list.

      If the learner changes their mind and re-enrolls themselves via the LMS, the LMS now says they're enrolled, but Zoom still has them as denied/blocked because the data sent from the LMS does not override that status or reapprove them.

Again, the integration with the LMS should be sending unenrollment data, but that's only part of the issue. Zoom should not be conflating a simply unregistering someone with the extra step of denying /blocking them. These are two different statuses.


Thank you for looking into this.


Sorry, I missed the rest of your message. How do I submit a support ticket?