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Not Able to Join a Webinar After Registering



We host monthly educational sessions on our ZOOM account since 2020. Up till December 2021, we hosted them as webinars and didn't have any issues with registrants not being able to log in on the day of the event.


However, since January 2022, for the two sessions we have hosted thus far, we have received a lot of emails and complaints about registrants not being able to log into the session with the information ZOOM sent them after registering. Some of them were being asked to register again, and when they did, they were told they cannot join. Others were told the session had not yet started (even though it hard), and others couldn't click on the "Join Here" link in the ZOOM email.


We are not sure how to fix this because it sounds more like a ZOOM platform issue. How can we make sure that for our March session, registrants no longer encounter this issue because it affects our attendance and makes us lose valuable time finding other ways to get registrants into the live session?


Thank you for your help! 



I scheduled a meeting last week that required registration. I also got a lot of messages from people after registering not being allowed into the meeting. I have been looking at all the security settings and cannot figure out why some were able to access and some were not. I need to figure out how to set up the meeting correctly so that everyone who registers can access. Please help!


Hi I have been having the same issue. Some participants can register others can’t or they register and can’t log on. I’d really appreciate a response to this issues. It’s messing with our programmes.