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Webinars get transformed in to meetings on my Zoom dashboard


Hmmmmm...   Can't quite figure out this one. I'm licensed and paid for the ability to host webinars, probably just like a billion other people before me have done. So I'm thinking it's all done and settled and this is just flowing like clockwork. Then I go to my website and program in a test webinar. It's seemingly all set up correctly with godaddy. I input my Zoom account info such that webinars that get signed up for on my website are sent to Zoom automatically. So I basically register myself for one of my own test webinars. I then switch tabs to my Zoom account and see that, instead of a webinar being created, Zoom has instead created me a meeting.


So, basically, what starts out as an attempt to generate a webinar from my website ends up portaling to my Zoom dashboard as a Zoom meeting.


Zoom chat help was no help at all. Zoom chat help says they will create a ticket, and that the engineering team hasn't created a patch or a work-around for this issue yet (which I found was really really odd).


Any ideas?