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Setting up a dynamic choice of answers for custom question

I am currently working on a project that invites Zoom Webinar participants across many districts in different areas, and I would like to allow the registrants to select the area, and then a list of districts associated with the selected area will appear for their further selection. 
Area "A" has associated districts "1" and "2"; where area "B" has associated districts "3" and "4".
Two custom questions: one asking to select the Area, another asking to choose the district.
Is it possible to choose "A" in the custom question for Area, and the answer for district will change automatically to "1" and "2" for selection? Choosing "B" will have "3" and "4" for user selection?
May I know if this is possible, or if there is any way around this? 


To set up a dynamic choice of answers for a custom question in LimeSurvey, you can use the following steps:

Create a new question or edit an existing one that you want to add the dynamic choice of answers to.

Select the "Multiple Choice (List)" or "Multiple Choice (Dropdown)" question type.

Scroll down to the "Answer options" section and click on the "Advanced question settings" button.

In the "Advanced question settings" popup, select the "Array filter" option.

Set up the array filter by selecting the criteria for the dynamic choice of answers. For example, you can set up the filter to show answers based on the participant's age, gender, or any other custom field you have created in the survey.

Save the array filter and close the popup.

Create or edit the answer options for the question and leave them blank. The dynamic choice of answers will be populated based on the array filter criteria.

Save the question and preview the survey to see the dynamic choice of answers in action.