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Sending zoom webinar recordings




 Is there a way to automatically send zoom webinar recordings to those that attended and those that did not, all registrants.  I know I can schedule an email but is there a way to automate the recording send? 

Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not automatically.
I share a short URL in the meeting invite for some of my meetings and then link that to the recording link after the event. I put the recordings on another platform, but the method should work just as well for Zoom-shared links.


Managing and sharing cloud recordings – Zoom Support


You can automatically send Zoom webinar recordings to all registrants using

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

OK, let's look at the issues here in more detail.
Zoom stores the recordings for you on their cloud storage.
You can share the link to that cloud storage, which means the recording must stay there as long as you wish to have access, and remember there are charges and quotes for that storage. At some point, you may want to delete the recording.
The second option is to send them the recording file. I don't think this is recommended. Many email services will block large files, and your email admin will be unhappy with you.
The third option is to send them to another long-term storage place and share them from there. For example, I had team meetings where I would send the file to a Dropbox account, and then we deleted it after three months. Taking them to another file location allows you to consider lower-cost storage, using already paid-for storage and the option to make your own rules for specific files rather than a general rule for all your Zoom recordings.
Remember that if you are using Zoom events, access to the files after the event will be due to the policy you have for that event.
also take note that the new AI tools from zoom will now give people a chance to review the content of meetings is a whole new set of ways.

If you will be recording and sharing many files over time, then this needs a conversation with all your stakeholders.


Look cloud or external storage. As for me this is an important option to upload your webinar recordings to cloud or external storage (e.g., Dropbox) and share the links with attendees and registrants. This way, you have control over the storage and can easily manage access. Regards, Jane, my work website