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Problems with our event after enabling Eventbrite to access Zoom


We recently enabled Eventbrite to link up with Zoom for an event.  I wish we had not as we found that


1. Eventbrite generated a different Zoom weblink for the event to those registering from the Zoom event weblink that the presenters had shared to run a rehearsal. Fortunately we spotted this BUT


2.Despite ticking the record box in the original Zoom when we ran the event itself it was not recorded. We can only presume that was because the Eventbrite Zoom set up did not transfer the recording instruction


3.It was not possible to alter the Zoom event in Eventbrite in order for the presenters to meet ahead of the event privately i.e it looks like by linking our Zoom account with the Eventbrite account the Eventbrite dictates the time parameters of the event.


We are on the verge of uncoupling the accounts  and reverting to manual management  i.e doing the promo/ticketing on Eventbrite and but setting up the Zoom meeting and then sending the  Zoom weblink to the registration list generated by Eventbrite


Advice please Thank you