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Garbled audio at the far side


Customer is experiencing garbled audio on some connections. The audio is coming from a USB audio source. ON an initial test with one person viewing on the far side the audio was perfect. during the next event there were several clients on the far side and the audio was garbled, unintelligible and not synced. I listened to the far side audio and found that it is clearly digitizing and the same sound is repeating rapidfire on top of the original sound. 


I am looking for a probable cause before spending a ton of my customer's money troubleshooting this issue. So I am wondering if there is a network issue involved. The near-side computer is directly connected at 1Gb to the main switch in the building.  I know the audio is clean going to the computer as the initial Zoom test on completion of the install went perfectly with the words clear and in sync. Less that 24 hours later using the exact same computer in exactly the same location and the sound was garbled. There were also more than one connections on the far side. 


Any information will be helpful. We have done a significant number of Zoom and streaming systems and have never experienced this sort of thing before.