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Pre-recorded webinar (as live)




A client wants to run a webinar for approx 500+ guests that will essentially be pre-recorded with professional camera setup as a live webinar (the week or so before the live webinar). The webinar will be edited with video content and slides and then played back as live (presumably using a capture card and playback device with ethernet connection). 


Has anyone done this successfully before, and had smooth playback with the illusion of it being 'live'.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



There is a lot of documentation and videos in out of the Zoom website about setting up a Webinar, but the biggest two tips I can give you, is to TEST, TEST, TEST.

And, don't expect that all attendees will be able to see it all in its glory, as not everyone has a good internet connection or a decent device, but making it available later for replay might be a great help.  


Wish you all the best!!

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You should play it out via virtual camera as you suggest.  Just make sure you have enabled the account for HD or FULL HD, and speficially have the webinar enabled for HD for attendees as well. Make sure you are in full screen and check resolution under Settings\Statistics\Video. If the account has FULL HD then there is an additional option for enabling 1080p for attendees.  See attached. If this was helpful then pls Accept as Solution.