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IN a pickle right now- collecting email and mailing addresses


I am trying to set up to collect email and mailing addresses for my webinar.  I thought the system automatically collected mailing addresses.  How can I do this? It is urgent to get done in the next day or so.  My webinar is next week and I have to mail out kits to the attendees for this as well.  HELP please!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

you need to enable registration on the event.  you can also pull a report (under Admin\Account Management\Reports.  FYI if you do not enable registration people need to fill out e-mail when they join the webinar, but this can be a fake e-mail.  When registering people get an unique registatration link send to their e-mail.  if you also enable authenticiation then the user must have a confirmed Zoom account.  If this was helpful pls mark Accept as solution.