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Change webinar settings while in progress?


I disabled chat for the webinar prior to starting it, but inadvertently must have also disabled Q and A. Once the webinar started, we tried to enable it but couldn't. I logged into my zoom account while the webinar was in progress, and couldn't edit the settings. I had the account owner change the setting successfully, but it didn't translate to the live webinar in progress. Was there a way I could have enabled Q and A while the webinar was in progress?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Once the Webinar is started and while in progress, making changes on the Zoom Web Portal will generally not have any effect on the in-progress Webinar.  Any changes to Q&A should be done on the Q&A Panel:


Disabling the Attendee can submit questions item makes the Q&A icon bring up a "Host has turned off Q&A" message; re-enabling that item make the Q&A functionality work again.


Very similar to enabling/disabling Chat:


If Attendees Can Chat with No One is selected, they will get a Chat disabled message on the chat window; selecting either Hosts and panelists or Everyone will enable the associated functionality.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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