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Can you track registrations for individual conference sessions prior to session start?


I am new to Zoom Events. I've been able to set up my multi-session (conference) event with relative ease following the help documentation and finding answers within the Zoom Community (thank you!). Here's the use case with two questions:


1. I've created a conference event with 6 consecutive sessions.

2. There is one free ticket option.

3. I want registrants to be able to select each session they would like to attend within the same ticket (whether it's all sessions or 4 out of the 6, etc.).  The reason for this is that we would like to know how many individuals have registered for each session prior to the session starting.  Is this possible?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

No sure I understand.  People register with 1 ticket for the event and have access to 6 consecutive sessions.  People do not register for individual sessions.  Registrants can mark a session as "favourite" and add it to their itinaray.  After the event you can get a report for each session. 


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I run a FB group for Zoom Events.

Every Tuesday at 13:00 est we run a Zoom Events Conference for asking questions and testing out new features.  You are welcome to join


@DeniseLahat Thank you for the response. We were wanting to see if there was a way to see who would be participating in each individual session that's part of the conference in addition to who is attending the entire conference. But, it doesn't look like this is possible. Can you see who marks the session as a favorite prior to each session's start time?