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Attendance to Webinar


Hi There, 
I held a Webinar yesterday and had over 30+ online, however post webinar it showed that no-one attended? Is there a setting i should have used that would have marked them as attended?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Sarahpcnz , 

Zoom will automatically keep track of at least their display name (Meeting reporting) as well as their email address (for webinars). Please make sure you are checking the appropriate report: 
Webinars: Reports > Webinar > Attendee report option > select the appropriate webinar session 
Meetings: Reports > Active Hosts or Usage > select the appropriate meeting session 

We have more info here on the Support article

Thanks, All those members that did attend received the message to say they didn't and when i looked at all the different reports it had recorded all as NOT attended. 


I have a similar experience where one of my webinar attendees said she's consistently getting the "We are sorry that you were not able to attend our webinar" email, even though she attended live.


She states, "I received the link to my same email that I registered with, then on the day of the webinar, I clicked on the zoom link that was provided to get started.  I watched with two other coworkers with one of their logins, but I signed in to my zoom link because when I have watched with someone else’s login in the past, it showed I didn’t attend. So I thought this time, by logging in to my own, and letting it play while I watched with others, it would show I attended."


I'm going to reach out to her for more details, but curious why this would be happening when she appeared to sign in with the registration link in her email.