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why is my ipad counted as an additional participant when I join my own meeting hosted on my laptop?


I teach maths one to one and have found the best way to annotate is to open a meeting on my laptop, then join the meeting with my ipad.  I can then screenshare a pdf or other document with the questions on from my laptop and use my stylus pen to annotate from my ipad.

When I switched to the free plan, because I was no longer teaching groups of children, I found my meeting was cut off after the 40minute limit presumable because the ipad was showing up as a 3rd participant.

How can I set it up so Zoom realises it's just me with 2 devices and 1 student?

Is this possible?   


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


This is working by design, separate devices joining a Zoom meeting is considered as separate participant.


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you are right. you can only have an unlimited meeting when its 1 to 1. an iPad is a 3rd participant because zoom doesn't know that the iPad is right next to you. you are joining it to the meeting. however if your iPad is on the same network you should be able to share it. there is a choice to share iPhone or iPad. 

Thanks for your reply.  Yes I'm on the same network and signed into the same Zoom account on both devices, seems like that would be easy enough to recognise as the same participant!  Sharing the ipad screen doesnt give me the same functionality to annotate the document being share from the laptop unfortunately.  


you could use hardware to bring the iPad into your computer so that Zoom recognizes it as a camera. then you can just change cameras in zoom and get the full mirroring of the iPad. I use an Atem Mini to achieve this but anything that would get the video out of the iPad and into USB of your computer. 


Thanks for the idea, I don't even need the ipad camera, just want to use it as a touchpad to annotate the shared screen accurately with my pen rather than struggling to annotate with the trackpad on the laptop.