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All SachinduChamika's Badges

SachinduChamika has earned 23 badges!
  • Brainiac
    Earned by 38
    With 25 solutions under your belt, that makes you the brains of the community!
  • Chatting It Up
    Chatting It Up
    Earned by 44,918
    Keep stirring up the conversation! Your first topic has the community talking up a storm!
  • Chatty
    Earned by 37,949
    You can talk the talk! We appreciate your enthusiasm with your first comment!
  • Chitchat
    Earned by 516
    10 comments — that’s no small talk!
  • Crack the Code
    Crack the Code
    Earned by 1,917
    You cracked the code! You've unscrambled your first solution — served!
  • Getting Recognized
    Getting Recognized
    Earned by 180
    Upcoming celebrity, you love to see 25 likes!
  • Gift of the Gab
    Gift of the Gab
    Earned by 111
    You have a gift, and now we have a gift for you in return — it’s the badge for 50 comments!
  • Keep the Conversation Going
    Keep the Conversation Going
    Earned by 530
    After 5 discussions, it’s clear you got a knack for keeping a conversation going!
  • Like After Like
    Like After Like
    Earned by 28
    Likes are coming from all directions, 100 likes that is!
  • On the Case
    On the Case
    Earned by 123
    You sher-unlocked 5 solutions!
  • Quick Communicator
    Quick Communicator
    Earned by 183
    Your speedy and meaningful responses have made an impact! Thanks for getting involved with 25 comments.
  • Quick Wit
    Quick Wit
    Earned by 52
    Just like that, you’ve mastered 15 solutions! We appreciate you helping the community learn
  • They Love It
    They Love It
    Earned by 71
    50 likes — they don’t just like it, they love it!
  • Thumbs Up
    Thumbs Up
    Earned by 18,466
    First like in the community, thumbs up for that!
  • Zoom IQ
    Zoom IQ
    Earned by 15
    Your scores are off the charts! With 75 solutions, your Zoom IQ level has skyrocketed!
  • Z-illiant!
    Earned by 22
    50 solutions — brilliant, in a Zoom kind of way!
  • Welcome Aboard!
    Welcome Aboard!
    Earned by 5,701
    Ahoy, Matey! You've both given and received a like! Welcome to the community, Captain!
  • Zesty Comments
    Zesty Comments
    Earned by 75
    Those 75 comments were so appealing it was Zesty!
  • Welcome!
    Earned by 346,632
    Your very first badge and day in the community!
  • Profile Completion 50%
    Profile Completion 50%
    Earned by 283
    Halfway there! You've completed 50% of your profile! Avatar ✓, Username ✓, First Sign in ✓
  • Profile Completion 100%
    Profile Completion 100%
    Earned by 78
    Your profile is complete! Avatar ✓, Username ✓, First Sign in ✓, Biography ✓, Title ✓
  • One Year Member Anniversary
    One Year Member Anniversary
    Earned by 176,653
    Look at that dedication — thanks for being a part of Zoom Community for one year!
  • Two Year Member Anniversary
    Two Year Member Anniversary
    Earned by 47,320
    Congrats on two years in Zoom Community! It’s been too much fun having you here.