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Enable multi-player games


I use Zoom to connect with long distant grandchildren.  We also like to play games using the game room concept of several sites such as, and .  We play these games in a separate window while in our Zoom session.  I believe the structure is similar to Kooht, which Zoom has recently added as an extension but I have not personally tried it. 


I use the whiteboard to do joint drawing with one my grandsons.  We can also play games like  Tic Tac Toe and hangman.  Incorporating some of the game rooms we currently use in separate windows into Zoom would make it even better.  While Zoom is focused on supporting organizations, it is also great for staying connected with grandkids and other long distant friends and  family members.   


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

This is so cool @BoomerBen ! Thank you so much for sharing 😊