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ZOOM Shortcut changed and no clue how to replace


I clicked on my ZOOM Shortcut I've used for several years, and got an ERROR MESSAGE saying it had changed or been moved, but with NO DETAILS {Grrrrrrr}.


Searched in Windows Program Files and Program Files (x86) but nada, zip.


For some reason my Logitech webcam would no longer yield video, and made sure I had the latest update of ZOOM (as of today - 22 March 2023), installed it, but the Zoom Shortcut still shows an ERROR.


Yes, I Re-booted the Confuzzzzer (Windows 7 Professional w/28GB RAM, etc.), and also tried a full power down but things are still whacked ;-(


What to do?


Thanks for any assistance.





P.S.  FYI, to ascertain if my webcam is actually functional, I just fired up Cisco Webex I have not used for years and the Logitech C920 has crystal clear video in that software program.   What has happened to ZOOM ???  Hmmm.


UPDATE:  What a hassle.  It turns out the problem with the shortcut was that "bin_00" got added into a new shortcut location URL. 


NOTE:  The End-User should be NOTIFIED at time of downloading an update that a change like this is going to happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Gheeeeez - what an UN-necessary waste of my time here ;-(


New location:  (*MYNAME* substituted for my real name, of course) fpo



Regarding the video problem, very BIZZARE that it started working again after opening and closing ZOOM multiple times.  This has always been somewhat of a "Squirrely" issue in ZOOM, but NOT to the degree experienced today.