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Error 5003 on brand new Mac but no error on other computers on the same network


I cant access the zoom app on a new macbook I just purchased due to error code 5003. I have a spectrum standard internet and router and do not have this problem on any other computer within the same network.  I have contacted my companies technology agent and they have never seen this issue before. We have tried reinstalling, updating, shutting down, and nothing has worked. 


Other things to note:

  • Firewall – OFF on macbook
  • Works on other devices on same network
  • MacBook is up to date on all OS updates
  • Account is accessible via web browser account login on

can someone help me as I need access to zoom for work.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Shola, give this a try: 

1. Close the Zoom app by click Quit Zoom.

2. Delete folder ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/
3. Delete file ~/Library/Preferences/
4. Terminate all cfprefsd processes. In Terminal, input following command:

killall cfprefsd

5. Uninstall Zoom

6. Reboot your Computer

6. Reinstall Zoom from


After finishing all the above steps, try logging into the Zoom app to see if it worked.


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I have the same problem, but it started two months after I started using my new Macbook Pro.  Zoom worked in the morning, but now I get the error every time I try to use Zoom.  I tried all these "solutions" but still have the problem.  Any other ideas?