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I used my zoom account primarily for my book club.  My wife used my account for her biz. She did not like having my name displayed on her behalf (instead of her name) during zoom meetings. I terminated my zoom account and my wife enrolled in a paid zoom account. Problem solved...not so fast.


I am a participant in a number of business zoom meetings scheduled by third parties. Yesterday, I joined my first business zoom meeting through a calendar invite from an external company.  During the meeting, my wife's name was displayed instead of my name. 


I am ok if my wife's name is displayed when I use her account for my book club. It is not ok for her name to be displayed when I am engaged in business meetings in which I am an invitee. 


How do I fix this problem?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @garykagan ,
Once in a meeting, you can rename yourself by mousing over your video image, click on the ... icon and select rename.

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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


One additional avenue, if you want to be sure that you don't join the meeting with your wife's name.  You can register for your own free Zoom account under your name.  Then, before you join your business Zoom meeting, you can log out of your wife's account and log into yours.  When you join a Zoom meeting, it will then show your account information instead of hers.


Thanks! Rick

Hi Arps,


I have the same problem. However I am logged into my own zoom account, and still, when I click on a link to enter a zoom meeting, it keeps pulling up the name of another zoom account that I opened (Mom's) using my laptop. I logged her out of Zoom from my laptop a while back, and have been logged into my account for weeks now. And the problem continues - I enter a zoom meeting with a direct link and her name shows up. I have used the rename feature but would prefer that her name not show up at all. I'm on a MAC in case that makes a difference.