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Can chat be disabled for only (1) meeting participant who is causing an issue...


...or do you have to disable chat for all participants?





I think I posted this under the wrong product. I am referring to chat in Zoom Meetings.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

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Will this information work for you?


Meeting and webinar hosts can control whether participants can chat with everyone, with panelists and the host (for webinars), or with the host only. 

  1. Start a meeting or webinar as host. 
  2. Click Chat in the meeting controls.
  3. At the bottom of the in-meeting Zoom Group Chat window, click More, and then choose an option for Participant Can Chat With.
    • For Meetings, the host can allow participants to chat with everyone or with the host only. 
    • For Webinars, the host can allow attendees to chat with no one, with all panelists (including host), or with all panelists and attendees.

Learn more about using in-meeting or in-webinar chat.


At the very least, if you change to host only, the participant won't disturb all meeting participants.


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