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Avoiding Code for signing into Zoom


Hello All,


We pay for subsription of the zoom meeting. We are based in Sydney, and deciding to share the meeting id to people in the asia. Few times, when the other user in Asia, logged into zoom, being asked to enter one time code. How to turn off this function about entering one time code?

Reason is the access to the email for one time code is currently NOT available for the user in Asia.


Many thanks in advance for your inputs.






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @PPZoom22 

To prevent unauthorized use by third parties (account hijacking), Zoom asks for a one-time passcode to confirm identity when it detects unnatural behavior such as a change of country/region or device for sign-in under the same account.

The license does not allow more than one person to sign in and use the same account, so you should have no trouble if you use it correctly.


By Asia, do you mean China specifically?

I've heard that he/she can't sign up for a free account in China, so how about joining from his/her browser?

If a participant just want to join a meeting, he/she can do so from his/her browser.