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Zoom room license VS personal license in zoom room


Hi community, 

As both license can able  sign in on zoom room, I would know what is the features difference on zoom room license and Pro license in zoom room system?



Many Thanks.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, jackyu


A Personal Zoom Room is a license that belongs to an individual and allows the individual who owns the account to hold a meeting.
Zoom Room license is a license that belongs to the device installed in the conference room, and anyone who uses the device can hold a conference.


Personal Zoom Room is linked to a meeting account, and I recognize that it has features the same as a meeting license.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jackyu1226 


The Rooms terminology can be confusing.


Signing in to a Zoom Rooms system with a Pro license (when the Zoom Room itself is unlicensed) allows you to use the Room system at the capacity levels of your Pro account. If you use the Room for a meeting, you will be consuming your Pro license during that time - and will not be able to Host another meeting concurrently.


But I believe "signing in" to a Zoom Room (especially an unlicensed one)with a Pro account effectively pairs it to your account, turning it into a Personal Collaboration Device - I think. This is sometimes known as a Personal Zoom Room. Not to be confused with your "Personal Meeting Room" - which is your Personal Meeting ID.


A licensed Zoom Rooms account has higher capacities than a Pro account, so it can be used without a Pro (or any) account. I also enabled HD-720 by default.




I have a client starting a meeting with free version. He is going to make me host. I am a licensed user. Will meeting switch to my license so that it can last up to 30 hours as allowed by my license



But if I'm using a shared PC into a meeting room and I don't want to lock the UI with Zoom Room , which type of license I can use to be compliant with Zoom?

In other words, I can use Zoom client with a dedicated Zoom Room license for this specific use case?

thank you