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Zoom Workspaces: Discussion and Ideas


I'm making this post purely out of curiosity and to discuss this wonderful Zoom feature.  For those currently using Zoom Workspaces, how are you going about creating floormaps?  Are you just using an existing blueprint of your building, or did you have some kind of artwork done?


For my part, I took my building's 2D blueprint and went around taking pictures of everything throughout the building, and then used Blender to make a 3D representation of the building:




Just to fire off some more discussion questions:


I'm also curious how people are listing things like amenities.  For instance, did anyone included something like a legend on their floormap that indicates which amenities are available in which rooms.  On my floormaps, I just used basic symbols placed over the 3D map to indicate exits, kitchens, stairs, water coolers, etc.


And how do you have everything set up?  Did you do kiosks like DTEN Me's in a lobby to let people select workspaces and conference rooms?  Do you have scheduler tablets mounted outside of conference rooms that let people view these floormaps?  Did you enable the Zoom Workspace Reservation app to allow people to use Workspaces from the Zoom application itself?  Or do you just link to to let people book spaces from the web?


Anyone have any issues with Workspaces?  I had some--for instance, DTEN Me's are great to use as kiosks, but sometimes they have a bit of trouble loading the floormaps and switching between floors.  And when using, sometimes when you try to move across the map or zoom in and out, it gets glitchy and messes up the image.  Hopefully kinks like this will be worked out soon enough.


Also curious if anyone switched from something like Robin for workspace reservation to Zoom, and how they feel the two compare.


Would love to have a discussion with other users to share ideas and inspiration regarding Workspaces.  Anything you all want to talk about.




We would love to use this with ZoomGov cloud. Do you have any ETA on this? Thanks,

Oh, is it not available on ZoomGov yet?  It's available already in the Enterprise version of Zoom.