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40" Touchscreen for Zoom Rooms?


I know DTEN has 27" and 55" touchscreen all-in-one options.  AVer makes a 65".  And there are really small ones like the 8" Lenovo Thinksmart that support Zoom Rooms Touch.


But, does anyone know of any touchscreen that's about 40"?  I ask because we use Zoom Rooms Touch all-in-ones (like the DTEN Me 27") for Digital Signage and for one-tap meetings in office lobbies and pit areas.  But many offices that I pitch the DTEN Me to say that 27" is too small.  And they don't want to pay the $3000 for the 55" DTEN Go (and they also think that 55" is too large).


I really want an all-in-one touchscreen device for this kind of purpose.  The DTEN Me is absolutely perfect for signage and quick meetings, but sometimes 27 inches just doesn't cut it.  I know that ViewSonic and some other manufacturers make 43" touchscreens, but if I went with them, then I'd also have to buy a separate Zoom Rooms codec and a camera/mic/speaker device, which means USB and HDMI connections, lots of moving parts and room for things to go wrong.  All-in-ones, by comparison, have virtually no support cost once installed.


So, does anyone know of any all-in-one touchscreen device that's in the 40-50" range?  I've given up hope in this search, but maybe someone has some insider information.



You can use DELL's Touch screen monitors with Poly Studio X30. In this case you don't even need Poly TC8 for meeting control. You can control everything from DELL touch screen monitor.

You can also look at

Zoom meeting client can be installed on i3-tech devices.


I was aware of the Dell ones and use one of their monitors with my computer.  But I was really looking for a screen in the 40" range.  It appears i3 has the i3SIXTY 2 which is 43", which is perfect.  But it seems to be just a touchscreen, so I was looking for something with a computer, camera, and mic already built in, similar to the DTEN offerings but 40 inches.