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Zoom Rooms for Touch bug


We have 2 TVs in the room and up until today all was going well with them, but randomly today the 2nd screen started showing the controller screen as opposed to the normal display transmitted from the Windows PC that hosts the Zoom Rooms app. From what I read it sounds like this could be related to Zoom Rooms for Touch, but I'm unable to disable this feature that just now popped up after no change on my end (TV is also not a touch screen btw). Anyone else facing this issue or know how to resolve? Not seeing any "Touch-screen features for Zoom Room" settings in the web portal.



I have seen this in multiple rooms in my region as well. Haven't found a way to solve this yet. 


We have escalated this issue with Zoom engineers. No solution yet, but we discovered some interesting behavior on our PC. When launching the ZR app, it also launches an instance of the ZRC app which is overriding the ZR app. We never installed that ZRC app so we have no idea why or how its launching itself over the ZR app. Also if we look at the admin backend, the rooms this is affecting show as "Computer (with Controller)" as the device type which I have never seen before, but I suspect is the product of both ZR and ZRC app running simultaneously on the same device.